Underbar julsång!


Everybody waits for Christmas, for me it's New Year's Day that's gonna come and take my blues away. I'm wishing on the stars for Christmas and hoping for a better day, when it doesn't hurt to feel this way.

And everywhere there's joy around this first day of time of year and happiness has never felt so far away.


All of the bells ringing out for Christmas! I'm singing goodbye to the year before. I know that the next one will be different! And so much more. All of the bells ringing out for Christmas! and i'm not supposed to feel this way. All that I want this year for Christmas is New Year's day.

It's only seven days till Christmas, 6 more till New Year's day. It's not a good time to feel this way.

Everywhere there's snow surround you and melt your troubles away, I can only hope to feel the same.

I know that we tired in the joy this time next year (?) but happiness has never felt so war away...

Chorus: #1

I remember how I used to feel...at Christmas

Chorus: #3

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